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Reusable water bottle - Stainless Steel -500ml

Reusable water bottle - Stainless Steel -500ml

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This 500ml Reusable Water Bottle is a great choice for kids on the go! It features intelligent temperature measurement and a touch display to show the temperature of the bottle. It also has a sealed leak-proof feature and a seamless liner that is made from one monlding farewell seam for maximum durability. The non-slip cup bottom and the ability to fit most car cup holders make it great for taking with you on the go. Plus, the separated tea glass allows you to enjoy warm or cold drinks anytime, anywhere.
  • Material:

    304 high vacuum Stainless Steel.

    Solid core lid.

    Anti bacterial, corrosiom ressistence, acid and alkali resistant.

  • Touch Display:

    Led HD large screen

    3-4 second aoutomatic shoutdown

  • Heat preservation time effect


    68c - 6 hours

    45c - 12 hours


  • Cold test of effect

    0c - 0

    3c - 6 Hours

    11c - 12 hours

  • Sizing:


  • Capacity:


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